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A story that starts from X… The history of the company begins in 1987 with the founder Xirouhakis Michael, father of the current owner Xirouhakis Xenophon, who took over the management of the company from 1997 until today.

Starting from a cobbler's shop of the time, Mr.Michalis repaired, reconstructed, painted, cared for the shoes and eventually, evolving his art, he started to manufacture traditional shoes and sandals himself. Close to him were his children, who from an early age studied the art of leatherworking.

The youngest son, Xenophon, being a restless spirit from a young age, decided in 1997 to take over the development of the family business, diversifying the way of operation, the technology and know-how required for the manufacture of purely handmade leather sandals.

Now, the 2nd generation of the company specializes in the field of flooring and leather. Information, ideas, respect for history and a modern concept of aesthetic value are the basic principles of the modern company.

The products presented today with the XX signature are the result of an excellent combination of traditional techniques in the field of planking and modern design ideas and concepts for the management of materials.

The business in practice

The headquarters of the craft is the magical Gramvousa of Kissamos. The specialized staff and the privately owned facilities of about 500 sqm, give the company the ability to serve every customer, with consistency in quality, but also in the time and manner of delivery of products, which makes it one of the leading of its kind.

Genuine Greek leather, which are processed in local tanneries of Chania, Crete, in the famous Tabakaria, form the basis for the manufacture of entirely handmade sandals of high quality, in the traditional way, both in the natural color of the leather which color is differentiated by sunlight (characteristic of genuine leather), and in a variety of other colors.

The soles of the sandals are made both with the Greek high quality & durable rubber "Eva", manufactured in Thessaloniki, and with genuine leather for a particularly delicate result.

Our craft has the ability to produce 400-500 pairs of sandals, daily, as well as the ability to manufacture new designs that are not included in our brochure.

In addition, any business that wishes to do so, can imprint its logo on the sandals, using the Laser or pyrography technique, thus creating its own unique brand.

The collections...
Inspired by the owner's preoccupation with leather since his childhood, the XX collections not only highlight the handmade leather sandal, but at the same time celebrate the rich local heritage, as it can be reflected even on a pair of sandals, men's, women's or children's.


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