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Gladiator sandals

Sandals gladiator, the ancient Greek footwear that highlights your every look. Summer is now here and your outfits are getting lighter and more colorful. Gladiator women's sandals are the ones that will complement your ensemble and help create an expressive and ancient Greek look. To begin with, they are authentic, modern, innovative designs raise the level of your summer looks. Have you added them to your wardrobe?

It's a well-known fact that every summer you have thousands of designs and colours to choose from. That's why in our collection you will find sandals for all tastes and occasions! Below we break down why gladiator sandals deserve to be your next purchase.

More specifically, the major fashion houses consider these sandals the main stylistic revelation of the summer. That is, the essential detail of your wardrobe that makes you stand out at any moment of the day. Also, designers suggest wearing them with the simplest even evening look.

Become the ultimate fashion icon. Find the whole collection of the gladiator sandals here.

The story behind the impressive sandals

Originally, Cleopatra of Egypt was the real inspiration for modern gladiator shoes. More specifically, the Stavros Melissinos designed his first ancient Greek sandal. He very often visited the Archaeological Museum of Athens for further inspiration. That is, from there he copied the designs of ancient footwear, either from statues or from representations of vases and that is how he came up with the form of his final design.

He was the first to bring the ancient Greek sandals into fashion in the modern era. His sales were great as young girls mostly from America ordered this particular design. In addition, big celebrities of the time, such as Aristotle Onassis showed great interest in the now branded sandals of Stavros Melissinos. Finally, his sandals and he himself became famous with many famous customers wearing them and he became a cult figure of the hippie generation.

Therefore, the "Cleopatra" pattern became the favourite summer shoe of women of that period.

Over the years, more and more famous models wore gladiator sandals. Then in the 90s they were the dominant trend, extremely elegant and sexy at the same time. Also, it is considered a very durable model and ideal for walks. Moreover, you will find them in a wide variety of designs and colors, with shiny details or simple laces. Discover through our collection classic designs, inspired by the quality of the ancient Greeks, with cuts that marry the classic with the modern.

Our proposals

The sandals Myrabelos impress with their comfortable design and soft leather offering a special stylish effect. Pair them with romantic and feminine outfits, or eye-catching long breezy pants for the ultimate outfit. Also, it bears the signature of XX which characterizes the uniqueness and authenticity of the sandal. Find the Here.

Still, if you want to adopt a more boho chic style with long dresses in earthy tones, then our suggestion is the gladiator sandals Anopolis. Classic colors in white, black or dark brown that highlight elegance in the most beautiful way. More specifically, a design that is elegant and romantic, in keeping with the needs of the new era. Yet it is timeless and offers great comfort for your summer walks. Discover them in this link.

Of course we could not forget to mention the metallic shades, which are the latest fashion trend. You can find them in silver, copper, brown, dipped brown, metallic tricolor, natural, copper and gold. Moreover, they are one of the most classic and timeless sandals for stability and comfort when walking. However all available colors can be perfectly combined with any outfit.

In addition, the gladiator sandals Knossos inspired by the past, are timeless and beloved. Sophisticated style with a very elegant finish for unique looks with high durability and aesthetics. They feature a high durability Greek rubber sole. You can find them here.

Discover the new Summer Collection 2022 and get your favorite sandal with the unique XX signature. All our sandals are 100% Greek production.



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