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Handmade sandals Myrabelos


Color : Copper
ID : 38


Basic material: Genuine leather
Form: Regular
Heel height: Flat
Sole: Natural Leather Sole of excellent quality & durability

Classic Design based on ancient Greek models, which embraces the leg with its laces, from the ankle to the middle of the calf.
Available in colors & color combinations for impressive results.

The handmade sandals Myrabelos is shoes highly aesthetic and Quality for all occasions.

The luxury in Handmade sandals is in the fact that they are highly durable and special style. However, it is a classic design that hugs the foot with its laces, from the ankle to the mid-calf. It is the ultimate classic Ancient Greek shoe which has been a fashion icon for decades. Moreover, it is available in various colors and color combinations for impressive results and unique looks.
Its quality is excellent as it has 100% leather of Greek origin. It also has a leather bottom and sole with high quality Greek rubber and leather laces. Additionally, you will find them in other colors such as brown, natural, copper and metallic trichromy. The perfect shine that will give your outfit the perfect glow. You can combine them with airy dresses, which are a must have of the summer. Even better with short shorts that in combination with Myrabelos sandals will show off your legs.

Don't forget to add the necessary accessories, such as a hat, bag and jewelry to be the ultimate fashion icon.

Its name comes from ancient Crete. More specifically, the Myrabelos is a huge picturesque bay, the largest of the Greek islands, which was important in prehistoric Crete. See here a short video of the vagina.

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Care tips for handmade sandals

Leather sandals are definitely more durable and comfortable than other types of shoes. That's why they need some extra care.
The rules to follow are two.

  1. Proper drying
    In case your shoes get wet you should clean them with a dry cloth and let them dry in a shady place.
  2. Light Cleaning
    If there are spots on your sandals that are dirty, gently rub the spots that are dirty with a clean towel slightly damp (this does not apply to Nubuck & Suede skins).