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Men's leather sandals

The men's leather sandals are now the footwear that more and more men prefer every summer. The summer months and the heat push us all for more comfortable yet stylish shoes. So what better than timeless sandals that we all love. Besides, they are open and you can combine them in many different ways depending on the occasion.

Initially, the collection of Xenophon Xirouhakis has a wide variety of women's, men's and children's leather sandals with the main focus on quality. As a key element of their uniqueness and elegance, the sandals are made of natural leather of the highest quality. They also have great durability as they are 100% of Greek manufacture.

Find the best men's leather sandals for this summer here!

They are ideal for your summer, relaxed walks and offer you the necessary comfort. In this article you will find our suggestions for every style and you choose the one that suits you!

The sandal Zaros is a very elegant and special choice to accompany you on your summer outings. Moreover, it is very impressive with its unique design, making it ideal for special appearances from morning to night. You'll find it in earthy shades, which match every style. Furthermore, its cross straps offer stability as they keep the foot steady, while its minimalist design adds the ultimate in style.

In addition, the timeless men's sandal Matalla is the version of a classic and comfortable sandal. More specifically, a combination of classic character and modern style that completes a look with a point of view. The Matalla sandal is one of the top ancient Greek sandals you will find, as apart from its style it offers comfort and durability. In addition, the strap hugs the foot for extra stability and support. You'll find it in three dynamic colours, dip, black and natural.

Third choice and equally popular is the leather sandal Balos. It is the ideal choice for the most classic men, as its design is timeless and simple. However, the Balos sandal is available in shades that remind us of the Greek sea and summer.

Apart from the classic colours of butte, black and natural, you will find it in striking colours such as cypress and maroon blue. It also has a flat sole and offers perfect stability. It gives comfort when walking and hugs the foot.

Which one will you choose?

Finally, the men's leather sandals of our collection aim to capture the essence of the Cretan summer. Apart from their comfort, they take you every time to the sea and to those sweet walks. Also, their beautiful and minimalist design allows you to combine them with many clothing options. Inspired by the Crete with its beautiful villages and seductive beaches. Indulge in its magic with a short video here.

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