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Men's sandal Omalos


Color : Olive Oil Brown
ID : 44


Basic Material: Genuine leather
Form: Regular
Height of Tacun: Flat
Sole: Natural Leather Sole of excellent quality & durability

The men's sandal Omalos - stable and dynamic.

Complete your every look with a timeless leather flip flop that bears the unique XX signature. Simple but at the same time with an impressive and modern design that by its name alone exudes dynamism and aesthetics. It is extremely convenient for every hour of the day and every occasion. If you want to stand out, then it's perfect for you!

More specifically, the men's sandal Omalos is a constant value and a symbol of elegance. Minimalist lines with a design that provides the ultimate in foot stability. It is sure to match your summer mood perfectly, as well as all the clothes in your wardrobe. The choice of colors complements to the ultimate, morning or evening looks. Perfect if you want to avoid the classic choice of sneakers or sneakers. Moreover, it creates in your style the ultimate summer air and is suitable either for work or for your afternoon walk.

Specifically, you will find it in dark brown, olive brown and natural leather color with leather bottom and Natural Leather Sole of excellent quality & durability. Also, it has a signature of XX which characterizes the uniqueness and authenticity of the sandal. All our sandals are 100% Greek production. The easiest way to combine this men's sandal is with a pair of shorts and a T Shirt without any exaggeration. However, the ultimate trend this year that is turning all eyes is linen clothing. Pair your leather sandals with linen pants and shirt and feel the summer inside you wherever you go. Highly summery and stylish.

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Men's sandal - Dynamic and impressive like his village Omalou.

The historic village is located in one of the most imposing parts of Crete, in the White Mountains. Three European E4 trails start from the plateau, with the most famous of all, the Samaria Gorge. It played a very important role in the revolutions against the Turks as it was a refuge for the Cretan rebels. It has rare natural beauty and breathtaking landscapes.

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