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Sandals for Girls: The Latest Fashion Trends

Sandals for Girls: Designed especially for our little princesses.

When it comes to girls' summer wardrobe, sandals are undoubtedly one of the most essential accessories. Apart from the comfort they offer, they also emit a sense of coolness while taking off the style. So let's explore the latest trends in "sandals for girls" for this year.

Initially, bright colours and original designs take centre stage. Classic nude or black sandals seem to have given way to bolder designs. Pastel shades such as pink, mint, etc. are winning impressions.

Also, another important trend is sandals with pearls or stones. Small details that make a difference, adding a touch of luxury to every look.

Similarly, sandals with decorative straps that tie high on the ankle or even at the knee, continue to be the focus of fashion. Despite their increased popularity in recent years, they seem to remain a favorite choice for girls.

Still, don't forget the platform sandals. They have the double advantage of height and comfort. While they stand out for their modern style, they also provide the necessary stability.

On the other hand, minimal sandals remain a safe choice. With simple lines and without a lot of embellishments, they are ideal for those who want a more discreet presence.

After all, when choosing "sandals for girls", the main thing is to take into account the preferences, age and comfort of the child. The sandals should reflect the personality and style of each girl, while being durable and comfortable for their summer adventures.

In conclusion, regardless of the trends, the most important thing is to choose sandals that reflect the inner glow of each girl and allow her to feel comfortable, confident and above all happy.

Let's see some beautiful options for our little ladies!

Children's Sandals Persephone

Based on ancient Greek models, the Persephone is a classic sandal that manages to incorporate history and current fashion. With its leather laces that hug the foot from ankle to mid-calf, it offers comfort and style. Perfect for our little friends who want to look stunning.

Gorgon children's sandals

The Gorgon board is the ultimate piece for every look. With a special metallic tricolor that does not go unnoticed, it is elegant, simple and at the same time extremely comfortable. Suitable for children who want to stand out.

Ancient Greek children's sandals Arolithi

With the same detail and attention to detail that we give to our adult sandals, Arolithi showcases the ancient Greek heritage through the philosophy of harmony and simplicity. It is truly a product that children will love and parents will appreciate for its high quality.

Children's sandals Rodakino

Rodakino sandals are what every little lady needs to stand out. In our new 2023 collection, handcrafted style meets quality and comfort, making them the ultimate kids' sandals for summer.

Frequently Asked Questions about Sandals

What is the ideal material for sandals?
There are many materials such as leather, synthetic material and fabric. Leather sandals offer greater durability and breathability.

How can I clean my sandals?
It depends on the material. Generally, a damp cloth with a little soap can do the job.

Is it good to wear sandals every day?
For more comfort, it is a good idea to rotate your shoes and not to wear the same sandals every day.

Can I wear the sandals at sea?
It depends on the material of the sandals. In particular, some materials can be damaged by salt water.

How to choose the right size?
Measure your foot and compare the dimensions with the product size chart.

What are the latest trends in sandals?
Trends are constantly changing. It's good to visit fashion blogs and specialist websites for updates.

Are platform sandals comfortable?
If they are of good quality and the right size, platform sandals can be very comfortable.

Can I wear sandals in winter?
While not typical, you can wear sandals in winter with tights or tights for a trendy look.

What should I look for when buying walking sandals?
Look for sandals with a good shape, non-slip sole and supportive tread.

Is there a difference between sandals for men and women?
Apart from style, sandals for men and women can have a different fit.