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Flat Sandals - Summer 2023

Who doesn't love flat sandals?

They are comfortable, stylish and suitable for any occasion. When we talk about handmade sandals, Xenophon Xeruhakis company occupies a special place in our hearts. A craft that counts decades of presence in the industry, it is constantly looking for new ways to surprise the lovers of quality and elegance. Today, we will focus on the "flat sandals" line that will surely steal your heart.

Women's sandals Naiad: These sandals show off feminine beauty in a unique way.
Women's sandals Iphigenia: Another great choice that brings out the ultimate femininity.
Leather sandals Ariadne: Leather, a material that expresses luxury and durability, combines perfectly in this model.
Leather Hydra sandals: With an eye-catching design, these sandals will become your favourite piece.

Ancient Greece
As you think about ancient Greece, what do you see? Flat sandals were a staple of dress at that time. Indeed, the ancient Greeks chose and wore them as a sign of elegance.

The seasons of fashion
Through the years, flat sandals have seen many transformations. From the simple designs of antiquity to the glamorous designs of the modern era.

Construction materials
Leather, synthetic, cotton? Choosing the right material is critical for durability and comfort.

Colours and patterns
From classic black to vibrant colours, flat sandals offer endless options.

Suggested ways to wear

For morning walks
As morning walks are an integral part of our lives, a flat sandal with straps is perfectly combined with a summer dress and gives comfort and style to our walks.

For evening exits
For your evening outings, I would suggest you to choose something more glamorous, so that you can attract all the attention.

Xenophon Xirouhakis' flat sandals express his love and commitment to quality and style, and whether you prefer natural colors or bold colors, you are sure to find the perfect one for your personality and style.


Why should I buy sandals?
Well, sandals are the perfect combination of style and comfort and are suitable for various occasions, for example, from a walk on the beach to a night out.

Are the sandals comfortable?
Undoubtedly! After all, they provide maximum comfort, can fit perfectly on the foot and allow the skin to breathe.

How many colours can I find in sandals?
As for the colour palette, it is luxurious and varied, and on our website you can see the full range of colours we offer.

Are sandals the fashion of 2023?
Sure! Sandals, especially handmade and leather sandals, remain at the top of the trends for 2023, combining traditional elegance with modern aesthetics.

Are leather sandals durable?
Indeed, leather sandals are known for their durability, so you can be sure your purchase will last for years.

Can I wear flat sandals to the beach?
Of course, but it is advisable to choose plastic or silicone so that they can withstand salt water.

What is the best material for flat sandals?
Without a doubt, leather is very popular, as it combines durability with comfort.

How often should I replace my flat sandals?
This has to do with usage, but as a general rule it would be every 2-3 years.

How to clean leather flat sandals?
To clean your leather flat sandals, we recommend using a special leather cleaner and a soft cloth.

Are flat sandals good for the feet?
Yes, of course, especially if they have a good anatomical sole and don't put pressure on the foot.

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