greek leather sandals

Greek leather sandals have always had a huge hit in the fashion industry. Specifically, some styles endure through the ages, transcending trends and fads to become timeless classics. Greek leather sandals are a shining example of such lasting elegance. Rooted in ancient craftsmanship and inspired by the rich history of Greece, these sandals are more than just footwear; they are a symbol of tradition, culture, and unmatched comfort.

This article analyzes the charm of these sandals, exploring their history, craftsmanship, and the reasons behind their continuous popularity.

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Greek leather sandals – A glimpse into history

To begin with, the history of Greek leather sandals traces back thousands of years to the heart of Western civilization, Ancient Greece. These sandals were not only practical footwear but also a reflection of Greek society’s values and aesthetics. In fact, ancient Greeks valued simplicity, functionality, and beauty, principles that are evident in every aspect of their life.

Greek leather sandals were worn by people from all walks of life, ranging from warriors and athletes to philosophers and citizens. Additionally, their designs varied based on the wearer’s status, with more intricate designs reserved for the elites. These sandals were often crafted from local materials, emphasizing the connection between the footwear and the natural world. Also, what sets these sandals apart is the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into their creation. Traditional artisans, carrying the legacy of generations, carefully handcraft each pair. The process often involves using high-quality leather, tanned to perfection for durability and comfort.

The ethos of our company, Xenophon Xirouchakis, aligns seamlessly with the craftsmanship and design principles behind Greek leather sandals. Specifically, our company doesn’t just create footwear; we curate an experience that connects wearers to the legacy of Ancient Greece. By embracing traditional techniques and embodying the essence of timeless design, Xenophon Xirouchakis emphasizes the importance of craftsmanship in a world that often prioritizes mass production. Thus, our commitment to creating products that stand the test of time reflects a belief in sustainability, authenticity, and the enduring impact of quality over quantity. Click here to check out our huge collection of sandals.

δερμάτινα σανδάλια

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Why choose these sandals?

As mentioned above, Greek leather sandals stand as a unique choice when it comes to footwear options. There is a multitude of reasons why someone should consider them as their go-to summer companions. Apart from their historical significance and craft, these sandals offer a blend of style and practicality that is hard to find elsewhere. Here’s why you should seriously consider adding a pair of Greek leather sandals to your collection:

Comfortable Fit

Comfort is paramount when it comes to picking the right pair of shoes, and these sandals excel in this aspect. In fact, the natural, soft, and flexible leather used in their construction conforms to your foot’s shape over time, creating a custom fit that eliminates discomfort from ill-fitting shoes. The straps, often adjustable, ensure a secure grip and prevent slipping, making them ideal for extended walks or adventures.

Breathable Design

During summer, breathability is key for comfortable footwear. Greek leather sandals feature an open design with strategically placed straps that allow air to circulate around your feet. This not only prevents sweating and odor but also enhances overall comfort, making them an excellent choice for hot summer days.

Durability and Longevity

There is no doubt that leather sandals are built to last. The careful craftsmanship and use of high-quality materials result in shoes that can withstand daily wear and tear. Moreover, with proper care, these sandals have the potential to become lifelong companions.


Whether you’re exploring a city, or attending a summer event, Greek leather sandals effortlessly adapt to various occasions. Their minimalist design ensures they complement a wide array of outfits, from casual shorts and sundresses to more sophisticated outfits. This versatility reduces the need for multiple pairs of shoes, making them an excellent choice for travelers and fashion enthusiasts.


καλοκαιρινά σανδάλια (1)

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How to take care of leather sandals? Step-by-step

Maintaining the beauty and longevity of your leather sandals requires a few simple steps. By following these tips, you can ensure that your sandals remain in excellent condition over the years.

Cleaning After Use

The key to maintaining your leather sandals is gentleness. After each wear, gently wipe your sandals with a soft cloth. This quick step helps remove any dirt or debris that may have accumulated during your adventures, preventing them from becoming ingrained in the leather. Avoid using abrasive materials that could scratch the leather.

Avoiding Water Exposure

Minimize water exposure to your sandals whenever possible. Water can affect the quality of the leather and its longevity. However, if your sandals do get wet unexpectedly, follow these steps:

  • Allow them to dry outdoors, but keep them away from direct sunlight.
  • Avoid using dryers or blow dryers, as the heat can damage the leather.

Embrace Care as Tradition

Remember, caring for your Greek leather sandals is a tradition that connects you to the craftsmanship and history of these fantastic pieces. By following these steps, you not only keep your sandals looking their best but also contribute to the legacy of quality and elegance they represent.


Greek leather sandals offer more than just a fashionable statement; they encapsulate the essence of ancient Greece’s values, craftsmanship, and aesthetics. Their enduring allure can be attributed to the perfect combination of timeless design, expert craftsmanship, and unparalleled comfort. As the world evolves, these sandals remain a reminder of the beauty and elegance that transcends time and trends, continuing to captivate the hearts of those who appreciate the synergy of history and style.

xirouchakis-σανδάλια για κορίτσια

Sandals for Girls: Designed especially for our little princesses.

When it comes to girls’ summer wardrobe, sandals are undoubtedly one of the most essential accessories. In addition to the comfort they offer, they also give off a sense of coolness, while at the same time elevating the style. So let’s explore the latest trends in “sandals for girls” for this year.

Initially, bright colours and original designs take centre stage. The classic nude or black sandals seem to have given way to bolder designs. Pastel shades, such as pink, mint etc., make an impression.

Also, another important trend is sandals with pearls or stones. Small details that make a difference, adding a touch of luxury to every look.

Similarly, sandals with decorative straps that tie high on the ankle or even at the knee, continue to be the focus of fashion. Despite their increased popularity in recent years, they seem to remain a favorite choice for girls.

Still, don’t forget the platform sandals. They have the double advantage of height and comfort. While they stand out for their modern style, they also ensure the necessary stability.

On the other hand, minimal sandals remain a safe choice. With simple lines and without many decorative elements, they are ideal for those who want a more discreet presence.

After all, when choosing “sandals for girls”, the main thing is to take into account the preferences, age and comfort of the child. Sandals should reflect the personality and style of each girl, while at the same time being durable and comfortable for their summer adventures.

In conclusion, regardless of the trends, the most important thing is to choose sandals that reflect the inner glow of each girl and allow her to feel comfortable, confident and above all happy.



Let’s see some beautiful options for our little ladies!

Children’s Sandals Persephone

Based on ancient Greek models, the Persephone is a classic sandal that manages to incorporate history and current fashion. With its leather laces that hug the foot from ankle to mid-calf, it offers comfort and style. Ideal for our little friends who want to look impressive. See it here

Gorgon children’s sandals

The Gorgon board is the ultimate piece for every look. With a special metallic tricolor that does not go unnoticed, it is elegant, simple and at the same time extremely comfortable. Suitable for children who want to stand out. See it here

Ancient Greek children’s sandals Arolithi

With the same detail and attention to detail that we give to our adult sandals, Arolithi showcases the ancient Greek heritage through the philosophy of harmony and simplicity. It is truly a product that children will love and parents will appreciate for its high quality. See it here

Children’s sandals Rodakino

Rodakino sandals are what every little lady needs to stand out. In our new 2023 collection, handmade style meets quality and comfort, making them the perfect children’s sandals for summer. See it here


Frequently Asked Questions about Sandals


What is the ideal material for sandals?
There are many materials, such as leather, synthetic material and fabric. Leather sandals offer greater durability and breathability.

How can I clean my sandals?
It depends on the material.
Generally, a damp cloth with a little soap can do the job.

Is it good to wear sandals every day?
For more comfort, it is good to alternate your shoes and not wear the same sandals every day.

Can I wear sandals at sea?
It depends on the material of the sandals. In particular, some materials may be damaged by salt water.

How do I choose the right size?
Measure your foot and compare the dimensions with the product size chart.

What are the latest trends in sandals?
Trends are constantly changing. It’s good to visit fashion blogs and specialist websites for updates.

Are platform sandals comfortable?
If they are of good quality and the right size, platform sandals can be very comfortable.

Can I wear sandals in winter?
While not typical, you can wear sandals in winter with tights or tights for a trendy look.

What should I look for when buying walking sandals?
Look for sandals with a good fit, non-slip sole and supportive tread.

Is there a difference between sandals for men and women?
Apart from style, sandals for men and women can have different fits.

Flat Sandals – Summer 2023


Who doesn’t love flat sandals?

They are comfortable, stylish and suitable for any occasion. When we talk about handmade sandals, the company Chenofon Xirouhakis occupies a special place in our hearts. A craft that counts decades of presence in the field, is constantly looking for new ways to surprise the lovers of quality and elegance. Today, we will focus on the “flat sandals” series that will surely steal your heart.

Women’s sandals Naiad
: These sandals bring out the feminine beauty in a unique way.

Women’s sandals Iphigenia
: Another great choice that shows off your ultimate femininity.

Ariadne leather sandals: leather, a material that expresses luxury and durability, combines perfectly in this model.

Leather Hydra sandals
: With an eye-catching design, these sandals will become your favourite piece.


Ancient Greece
As you think about ancient Greece, what do you see? Flat sandals were a staple of dressing at that time. Indeed, the ancient Greeks chose and wore them as a sign of elegance.

The seasons of fashion
Through the years, flat sandals have seen many transformations. From the simple designs of antiquity to the glamorous designs of the modern era.

Construction materials
Leather, synthetic, cotton; Choosing the right material is critical for durability and comfort.

Colours and patterns
From classic black to vibrant colours, flat sandals offer endless options.

Suggested ways to wear

For morning walks
As morning walks are an integral part of our lives, a flat sandal with straps is perfectly combined with a summer dress and gives comfort and style to our walks.

For evening outings
For your evening outings, I would suggest you to choose something more glamorous, so that you can attract all the attention


The flat sandals of Henophon Xirouhakis express his love and commitment to quality and style, and whether you prefer natural colors or bold colors, you are sure to find the perfect one for your personality and style.


Why should I buy sandals?
Well, sandals are the perfect combination of style and comfort and are suitable for various occasions, for example, from a walk on the beach to a night out.

Are sandals comfortable?
Undoubtedly! After all, they provide maximum comfort, can fit perfectly on the foot and allow the skin to breathe.

How many colours can I find in sandals?
As for the colour palette, it is luxurious and varied, and on our website you can see the full range of colours we offer.

Are sandals the fashion of 2023?
Sure! Sandals, especially handmade and leather sandals, remain at the top of the trends for 2023, combining traditional elegance with modern aesthetics.

Are leather sandals durable?
Indeed, leather sandals are known for their durability, so you can be sure your purchase will last for years.

Can I wear flat sandals on the beach?
Sure, but it is advisable to choose plastic or silicone sandals to withstand salt water.

What is the best material for flat sandals?
Without a doubt, leather is very popular as it combines durability with comfort.

How often should I replace my flat sandals?
This depends on usage, but as a general rule of thumb it would be every 2-3 years.

How to clean leather flat sandals?
To clean your leather flat sandals, we recommend using a special leather cleaner and a soft cloth.

Are flat sandals good for the feet?
Yes, of course, especially if they have a good anatomical sole and don’t put pressure on the foot.

καλοκαιρινά σανδάλια

Summer sandals, the only element of our summer wardrobe that perfectly combines comfort and style. More specifically, leather sandals are beautiful, durable and can be worn with most of the clothes in our summer wardrobe.
But with so many options in summer sandals, why choose leather?

Comfort in Summer Sandals

Leather is a naturally breathable material, which means that your feet will stay cool and comfortable all day long. In addition, the leather is extremely soft and flexible, adapts to the shape of your foot and ensures a perfect fit.

Summer Sandals (1)

The durability of Leather Sandals
Leather sandals are durable and stand the test of time. In addition, a good quality leather sandal can last you for many years, ensuring a good return on investment for your initial investment. It is also important to know what to look for when buying leather sandals.

The Style of Leather Sandals

Leather sandals come in various styles, each of which suits different occasions and appearances.

  1. Daily
    First of all, for a more relaxed look, casual leather sandals are ideal. Furthermore, they usually have a simple and discreet design, ideal for a picnic, the beach or a leisurely stroll around town.
  2. The official
    However, for more formal occasions, the
    gold leather sandals
    are even more appropriate. More specifically, they are more suitable because of their sophisticated look and that’s why they are ideal with dresses and high-heeled shoes.
  3. The Size and Application
    Size is one of the most important things to consider when buying leather sandals. In addition, it is vital to choose a pair that fits your feet properly to avoid any unpleasant experience.

Care and Maintenance of Leather Sandals

Because leather sandals are handmade and in order to keep them in perfect condition, you need to take proper care of them.

Cleaning of Leather Sandals
Clean your sandals regularly with a special leather cleaner to remove dust and dirt.

Storage of Leather Sandals
In addition, it is important to store your sandals in a cool, dry place to prevent moisture and wear and tear.


summer sandals (2)

Conclusion for summer sandals

Leather sandals are an excellent choice for the summer. They also offer comfort, durability and style, and with the right care they can last for many years.


  1. Are they durable?
    Yes, leather sandals are known for their durability and can last for many years with proper care.
  2. How can I clean my leather sandals?
    First, you can clean your leather sandals with a special leather cleaner. but we would recommend simple cleaning with a cloth to remove dust.
  3. Which size of leather sandals should I choose?
    It is important to choose a pair of leather sandals that fit your feet properly for the best possible comfort.
  4. Can I wear my leather sandals to the beach?
    First of all, leather sandals are ideal for the beach. However, you should wash them thoroughly after each use to prevent the loss of the skin’s natural shine from salt water and sand.
  5. Can I wear leather sandals on formal occasions?
    Because there are many types of leather sandals, you will surely find some that are suitable for formal occasions. However, make sure that the style and colour of the sandal matches the rest of your outfit.

You can also see our leather sandals in our physical store here.


Χειροποίητα δερμάτινα σανδάλια

The handmade leather sandals are a unique combination of unique style, comfort and quality. In addition, with the increasing desire of people for handmade products that reflect their personality, leather sandals have captured the hearts of consumers. This article explores the beauty and value of handmade leather sandals, the art behind making them and why they are worth investing in.

The Art of Handmade Construction

Making handmade leather sandals is a complex process that requires art, experience and passion. That’s why experts in the field use traditional techniques, passing on knowledge from generation to generation. In addition, each pair is a unique artistic creation. See here the history of our craft.

Our craft has the ability to produce 400-500 pairs of sandals daily, as well as the ability to manufacture new designs that are not included in our catalogue, always according to the needs of the customer.

Handmade leather sandals

Personalisation and Adaptation
Handmade sandals offer personalization and customization. Because their construction is handmade, you can customize them to your measurements and preferences. This ensures comfort and pleasure during use, avoiding pain or ringing.

The Beauty of Handmade Design
The handmade design of the sandals brings out a unique beauty. Each design is designed with attention to detail, and showcases the elegance and personality of each model. What’s more, whether you prefer classic, modern or vintage styles, there is a handmade design for every taste.

How to take care of your sandals
To ensure the longevity and beauty of your handmade leather sandals, you need to take proper care of them. Just clean them gently with a sponge or a soft brush and store them in a cool, dry place.

The handmade leather sandals

Handmade leather sandals have made an impressive entry into the fashion world. Furthermore, designers and celebrities choose handmade sandals for their elegance and the special feeling they offer. Plus the ideal choice to create a unique style that stands out.

Where to find them
You can take a closer look at our craft designs here or online in our online shop.

Why to invest
Investing in handmade sandals is worth every euro. In addition to the high quality and comfort they offer, they are an accessory that you can wear for many years without losing its shine.

Close – The Touch of Finesse
Handmade leather sandals are the touch of sophistication that can transform your look. More specifically, with their appearance on beaches, evening outings or even at formal events, they make an impression and give style to your steps.

Handmade leather sandals2


Handmade sandals are a unique and elegant choice that combines quality, comfort and style. More specifically, with personalization and a high degree of craftsmanship, they represent the touch of luxury at every step. Furthermore, by investing in handmade leather sandals, you are investing in an accessory that will accompany you for many years, adding elegance and personality to your look.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How can I take care of my leather sandals?
    The care of sandals is very important and simple. That is, you just need to run them gently with a sponge or a soft brush and store them in a cool and dry place.
  2. Are the handmade leather sandals adapted to my feet?
    Yes, handmade leather sandals offer personalization and can be tailored to your measurements and preferences.
  3. Where can I find them?
    The handmade leather sandals are available in specialized fashion stores and official websites. More specifically you can see our sandals at our branch in Kissamos.
  4. What is the difference between handmade and non-handmade sandals?
    The difference is mainly in the way they are made. The handmade ones are made by the craftsman by hand, while the non-handmade ones are mass-produced by some mechanical means.
  5. Why is it worth investing in handmade leather sandals?
    Investing in handmade leather sandals is worth it as they offer high quality, comfort, personalization and unique style that stands out.


Men’s Sandals: The new trend of 2023

Ανδρικά σανδάλια

When someone hears the word “men’s sandals”, they often think of comfort, freedom and summer. So let’s go explore the world of men’s sandals. Men’s sandals are undoubtedly an important aspect of men’s wardrobe. In addition, they have the ability to be combined with various styles of dressing, whether it is more casual or more formal. In other words, they are ideal for the warmer months, but also for those who want a more relaxed and comfortable way of dressing.
Apart from the comfort they provide, men’s sandals are also a powerful fashion statement. In fact, with the variety of designs and materials available in the market, you can find the right pair to match your personality and style.
More specifically, from the most classic to the most fashionable, men’s sandals remain a timeless choice that combines comfort with aesthetics. Since with the right choice, you can give a different air to your appearance, stand out and also highlight your personal stylistic identity.

Historic account for men’s sandals

The history of sandals is a particularly interesting historical course. Initially, they are considered one of the oldest types of footwear, with their roots going back to antiquity. In addition, archaeological findings show that sandals were used even in prehistoric times, giving people the ability to protect their feet. Images recorded in ancient Egyptian frescoes show people wearing sandals, an example of the importance of these shoes in people’s daily lives. Also, the ancient Greeks were known for their preference for sandals. Whether they were simply for everyday use or for formal occasions, sandals were an integral part of ancient Greek dress.
Since then, sandals have maintained their position as one of the most popular and versatile footwear in the world. In addition, the simplicity of their design, the comfort they offer and their ability to adapt to various styles and environments, make sandals a favorite shoe of millions of people worldwide.

Evolution of men’s sandals

The evolution of men’s sandals is an interesting topic because it reflects the way in which social, cultural and technological changes have influenced the form and usability of footwear. Despite the fact that centuries have passed, sandals have retained their basic form, fulfilling the dominant idea of protecting the foot and allowing free air circulation. However, there have been significant changes in their specific layout, material and aesthetics.
Nowadays, a variety of types of men’s sandals exist, covering a wide range of needs and preferences. More specifically, there are the classic types, such as flip flops, slide sandals and fisherman sandals, as well as the more modern versions, such as sport sandals and gladiator sandals.
Regardless of the season, sandals remain an integral part of the modern man’s wardrobe.

Men's sandals7


Different types in men’s sandals


This is the most popular type of sandals. In addition, they are lightweight, easy to wear and ideal for the beach.

Gladiator sandals

These sandals have straps that go over the ankle, giving a strong and rugged look. Therefore, they are ideal for excursions and travel.

Sandals slide

The slide sandals are practical and easy to use. In particular, they are lightweight, breathable and provide good traction.

Sandals sport

These sandals have a very durable sole, suitable for activities such as hiking or sports.

Work sandals

For men who work in conditions that require special footwear, work sandals offer protection and comfort.

Choosing the right men’s sandal

Choose the right size to avoid friction and provide the best possible comfort.


The colour of your sandals should match the rest of your clothes. For example black, brown and grey are always safe choices.


The material of the sandals can vary from leather to fabrics, plastic or rubber. So choose the one that best suits your needs.
See our leather sandals here.


This is very important, especially if you plan to wear the sandals for long periods of time.


The cost of sandals can vary depending on the brand, the material and additionally the design.

Men’s sandals in fashion

Men’s sandals have become a popular type of footwear in fashion. Therefore, you can wear them with light trousers and shorts.

How to wear men’s sandals

The rules on how to wear men’s sandals are simple. In particular, they should be clean, fit well and not replace shoes for formal occasions.


men's sandals

Tips for the care of men’s sandals

To keep your sandals in good condition, clean them regularly and also avoid excessive moisture.


Men’s sandals are a great choice for summer. Plus, with the right style, they can provide comfort and show off your style.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1. What are the most popular men’s sandals?
      The most popular men’s sandals are flip-flops, gladiator, slide, sport and even work sandals.
    2. What is the best material for men’s sandals?
      This depends on your preferences. However, leather is durable and stylish, while fabrics, plastic or rubber are lighter and more comfortable.
    3. How can I take care of my men’s sandals?
      To keep your sandals clean, avoid excessive moisture.
    4. Can I wear men’s sandals on formal occasions?
      Usually, men’s sandals are not suitable for formal occasions, so classic shoes are better for these purposes.

    5. What color men’s sandals should I choose?

      Choose a colour that matches the rest of your clothes. Black, brown and grey are always safe choices.


Animal Print sandals

The animal print sandals – the ones you’re looking for for your most impressive summer look. The trend that will always be in fashion. That is classic, stylish and elegant at the same time. The sandals of the Xenophon Xirouhakis collection feature animal print sandals and intend to elevate your every look. You will also find them in a wide variety of colours, styles and textures.


Initially, most fashion trends appear and disappear within a season. Animal print designs are timeless no matter how many years pass. Besides, they are the favorite of many famous stars and most women.


More specifically, the zebra stripes on the sandals give a very impressive look, creating the modern must have. Find the Gavdos flat sandals from our collection that will become your favorite sandals! Firstly, their comfortable design allows you to wear them at any time of the day and combine them with any style you want. They are available in a wide variety of colors, but also in Zebra and Camel Zebra shades for the most daring looks.


Still, if you want to add a little more pop to your look, the animal print sandals with Ammoudara laces are the perfect choice. Whether you pair them with your neutral outfit for a morning coffee, or your evening full glam outing. The silver and teal rhinestone snake will turn every eye on you. More specifically, its extremely comfortable and modern design allows you to wear them all day long, even in the office! Plus, the 4 straps keep your foot stable with every step. They are also available in natural color with leather bottom and Greek rubber sole of high durability.


The Animal Print sandals will make you stand out!


If you want your sandal to have a more playful mood, then we highly recommend the Elaia women’s sandals. More specifically, the leopard version will create the craziest yet trendy outfit. You’ll find it in Camel Zebra and Zebra, and they’ll transform the classic option into its most striking version. Apart from that, this sandal is very stable and provides comfort in every step you take.


Find here more tips on ways you can combine them and stay special!


Finally, in the link below you will discover the whole range of animal print sandals (here), as well as you can also choose flats or sandals with cork heels. All our sandals bear the unique signature of Xenophon Xirouhakis. What characterizes them is the authenticity and the high quality of the leathers.


Have you found your favourite sandal?




Men’s leather sandals

Men’s leather sandals are now the footwear that more and more men prefer every summer. The summer months and the heat push us all for more comfortable yet stylish shoes. So what better than timeless sandals that we all love. Besides, they are open and you can combine them in many different ways depending on the occasion.

First of all, the Xenophon Xirouhakis collection has a wide variety of women’s, men’s and children’s leather sandals with a focus on quality. As a key element of their uniqueness and elegance, the sandals are made of natural leather of the highest quality. They also have great durability as they are 100% Greek made.

Find the best men’s leather sandals for this summer here!

They are ideal for your summer, relaxed walks and offer you the necessary comfort. In this article you will find our suggestions for every style and you choose the one that suits you!

The Zaros sandal is a very stylish and special choice to accompany you on your summer outings. Moreover, it is very impressive with its special design, making it ideal for special appearances from morning to evening. You’ll find it in earthy shades, which match every style. Furthermore, the cross straps offer stability as they keep the foot steady, while the minimalist design gives it the ultimate in style.

In addition, the timeless Matalla men’s sandal is the version of a classic and comfortable sandal. More specifically, a combination of classic character with modern style that completes a picture with a point of view. The Matalla sandal is one of the top ancient Greek sandals you will find, as apart from its style it offers comfort and durability. In addition, the strap hugs the foot for extra stability and support. You’ll find it in three dynamic colours, muted, black and natural.

Third choice and equally popular is the Balos leather sandal. It is the ideal choice for the most classic men, as its design is timeless and simple. However, the Balos sandal is available in shades that remind us of the Greek sea and summer.

Apart from the classic colours of butte, black and natural, you will find it in striking colours such as cypress and maroon blue. It also has a flat sole and offers perfect stability. It gives comfort when walking and hugs the foot.



Which one will you choose?

Finally, the men’s leather sandals of our collection aim to capture the essence of the Cretan summer. Apart from their comfort, they take you every time to the sea and to those sweet walks. Also, their beautiful and minimalist design allows you to combine them with many clothing options. Inspired by the Crete with its beautiful villages and seductive beaches. Indulge in its magic with a short video you can find here.


Greek Sandals

The Greek sandals of the Xenophon Xirouhakis collection are definitely what you are looking for! Made with love and care from Greek leather will accompany you in every summer walk. More specifically, what makes them stand out is their excellent quality and their authenticity. You will also find a wide variety of designs and colors, ideal for every occasion and every taste.

First of all, the characteristic of our sandals is that they combine the modern element with the traditional character. More specifically, you will find simple minimal lines, bright and original designs that celebrate the elegance and uniqueness of the place. It is of course no coincidence that each of our sandals has taken its name from historical locations of Crete. Women’s, men’s and children’s sandals that “smell” summer wherever you are and redefine the importance of handmade.

Greek sandals that you won’t want to part with!

Find our summer collection here.

Let’s take a look at some of the sandals of our new summer collection, which is inspired by the Greek summer. Firstly, the impressive Minoa sandal features a large chamois that ensures stability on the foot. Moreover, the small stripes and the handmade braids make it even more special, to give the necessary shine to your outfit. Its 3 earthy shades, cigar nubuck and gold, charcoal nubuck and silver and natural will match any look.

Strappy sandals are equally impressive and comfortable for your walks and for any time of the day. More specifically, Kaliviani leather sandals are very elegant, feminine and very comfortable. A sandal that can accompany you in every outing and occasion. You’ll also find it in earthy colours, but also in intense shades such as coral or copper for your more special looks.

Another sandal that you will definitely want to add to your wardrobe is the Sfakia women’s sandals . More specifically, it’s a sandal that you can wear it at all hours of the day and in every occasion. A wide variety of shades and combinations that will elevate any outfit. In addition, its diagonal facets hug the foot, making it stable when walking. The metallic hues show off the Nubuck leathers, while exuding the feel of Greek summer. It’s definitely a sandal that summer loves.


Here are the five ultimate street styles of the summer to make your looks even more unique! Finally, each of our collections is ideal for those looking for authenticity, elegance and comfort. The timeless beauty of Greece in a sandal that suits every taste and the needs of every woman and man.



Flat sandals

Flat sandals you can’t miss this summer. The ideal choice for another season that will accompany you on your summer walks! Undoubtedly, flat sandals will always be in fashion. And most importantly? They are the most comfortable shoes you can wear! That is, depending on your taste you can choose from the huge variety of leather handmade sandals of the XX collection. There isn’t a woman who doesn’t love them and isn’t tempted to get another pair every year.

More specifically, the sandals of the Spring Summer 2022 collection are so many and in so many different colors and designs that you will want to get them all! However, we have gathered the top choices in women’s shoes that should not be missing from your everyday life.

Do you need shine on your whole body?

First of all, your wardrobe couldn’t be without a flat sandal with a little sparkle. For example, impressive and highly dynamic, the Kantanos women’s sandal will add the final touch to your look. Dare! At the same time, they’re comfortable and shiny while the asymmetrical strips hug the foot and keep it stable. In particular, its metallic shades come to highlight the Nubuck leather in combinations reminiscent of the blue of the sea. You’ll also find it in sandy pink that reminds us of the beautiful beaches of Crete, but also in animal print.

In the 2022 summer collection you will find a wide variety of flat sandals depending on your taste and the occasion!

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In other words, if you’re the type that dares to use striking colors in your looks, you definitely shouldn’t miss the Diktynnawomen’s sandal. In more detail, it is comfortable to walk on, with strips knitted harmoniously together, while giving a summer air at any time of the day. Besides, they easily match any style, and are very comfortable thanks to the ankle-hugging strap. Likewise, you will find it in other earthy colors such as natural, camel nubuck and gold.

As a third option we recommend the Aradaina sandal. Undoubtedly an elegant and unique sandal with its stripes intertwining magically. The perfectly feminine shoe for your summer walk that will turn all eyes on you.

It is a fact that flat sandals continue to inspire great fashion houses even today and are the summer essential of our wardrobe. Here you will find ideas and suggestions through the top fashion houses for the ultimate summer style. For example, she matched airy dresses and or even tight midi dresses that maintain their minimalist character and we can say that they have never looked more chic!

All the sandals of our collection have XX signature, something that characterizes their uniqueness and authenticity. Finally, they are handmade from Greek leather and made to take you on a trip to the Greek summer.