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The branch

And the journey continues...

The restless nature of the owner, combined with his love for the place where he grew up, leads him to actively engage in public, cultural, municipal, business.

His wider acquaintance with the needs of the place, on a social & business level, leads him to think about the creation of the first branch based in Kissamos and with the aim, on the one hand, to acquaint the local community with the sandal making industry in Gramvousa and on the other, the support and strengthening of the local market - entrepreneurship. He envisions a branch in the old market of Kissamos that is currently in recession, which will host the product that he knows so well how to manufacture, in order to help "unlock" the local market.

A vision he shares with his wife Efi, who undertakes to put it into practice. So, in 2014, they choose the space in the center of the old market, which they decorate inspired by industry standards, in order to refer to the handicraft.

Although the space is small, it fits the wide variety of designs of the XX collection and meets with great success the expectations of both locals and visitors to the area.

The branch
in Kastelli Kissamos

Founded in 2014 , it operates from the beginning of each summer season until the end of October.

Combining the modern with its traditional character, the store and its leather goods attract hundreds of customers every season. This fact contributes to the strengthening of the local market and entrepreneurship.

Skalidi Street

It is located on one of the most touristic streets, Skalidi Street in Castelli Kissamos and is an attraction for dozens of visitors, and not only, every summer.
Skalidi Street is one of the most popular tourist streets of Kissamos Therefore, our branch could not be located in a better location, coexisting harmoniously with the rest of the local products stores.

Handmade leather goods

Such as sandals , bags, wallets and belts. All handmade and in dozens of designs, they renew the summer look of our customers with quality and style!
Leather sandals for women, men, unisex and children From simple everyday in natural skin color, to particularly metallic with cork platforms. The variety and quality of our products satisfy even the most demanding customer.

Women's and Men's Leather Sandals XX, Chania, Crete, Greece
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