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The uniqueness of Handmade Sandals: Our inspiration... the historical sites of Crete.

Our craft presents you a new dimension in the world of women's, men's and children's sandals. Our love and pride for our land, Crete, have resulted in the manufacture of handmade sandals that combine tradition and modern style in a unique way. Our inspiration for us is our place! Thus, each pair of sandals carries within it the breath of history since our designs are inspired by historical locations of Crete.

With their handmade construction from high quality leather, processed in the famous Tabakaria of Chania and made in the peninsula of Gramvousa, with genuine Greek leather, they are the most tasteful and timeless choice to be able to follow you to every summer destination. From the mythical Knossos to the picturesque villages of Crete, each of our designs captures the timelessness and authenticity of Greek heritage. Consequently, our sandals are not just a stylish accessory but a true expression of Greece's cultural identity and history.

Let's take a look at some of the most impressive new designs:

Women's Sandals Sfakia

The design of the "Sfakia" sandals is simple and simple, with lines that hug the foot with comfort and style. It draws inspiration from the Sfakia region in Crete, an area full of authenticity and natural beauty. Made from high quality leather, they offer not only durability and comfort when worn, but also a sense of dynamism and Greek authenticity.

Men's sandals Ballos

This design is a tribute to the beautiful beach of Crete, Balos. This enchanting place, with which we have associated our childhood summers, is a testament to the art of nature. Its unpretentious beauty has inspired us to name it after a simple and traditional design. These sandals combine elegance with comfort as their minimalist line and flexibility confirm to the male audience that there is no more timeless accessory than a pair of Leather Handmade Sandals.

Women's Sandals Grambousa

Inspired by the wild beauty of the island of Gramvousa, a place where history and beauty converge, these sandals have already established themselves among other designs as a timeless symbol of elegance that will subtly complement your every look. Their intricate weave and durable construction make them ideal for exploration and travel.

Women's Sandals Knossos

The handmade sandals "Knossos" are a combination of ancient Greek aesthetics and modern elegance. With details that bring to mind the antiquity and richness of Knossos, these sandals are a way to bring a little taste of the past to the modern world.

Indulge in the magic of tradition and elegance and discover your own piece of Greek heritage!

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