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Leather Shoe Industry XX. A History of Quality and Tradition

Our leather shoe craftsmanship, Xenophon Xiruhakis, remains committed to tradition, quality and innovation, creating sandals that are recognized for their high quality and authentic Greek identity.

All our sandals are made in Crete, ensuring the authenticity and high quality of our products. Our manufacturing process is based on traditional techniques combined with modern methods, offering products that are not only aesthetically appealing but also durable.


The Establishment of the Craft

Our Leather Shoe Craft was founded in 1987 by Xirouhakis Michael, in the picturesque area of Gramvousa Kissamos, in the prefecture of Chania, Crete. Xirouhakis Michael laid the foundations for a business that would evolve into a symbol of Greek craftsmanship and quality.

Ten Years Later

in 1997, his son Michael, Xenophon Xeruhakis, he took over the management of the craft. From a young age, Xenophon had shown his restless spirit and desire for innovation. Under his new leadership, our craft began to develop rapidly.

Xenophon has diversified the way we operate, introducing new technologies and upgrading the expertise of our business. Thus, we started to specialize in the manufacture of purely handmade leather sandals.

High Quality Handmade Sandals

Our craft manufactures handmade Greek sandals with genuine Greek leather, processed in local tanneries of Chania, known as Tabakaria. Our sandals are produced in the traditional way, both in the natural colour of the leather (Vaketa) which changes with the sunlight, and in various colours. We use Greek quality rubber "Eva", made in Thessaloniki, ensuring durability and comfort.

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