Sandals Crossbody sandals Aptera

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Basic Material: Genuine leather
Form: Normal
Heel Height: Flat
Sole: Greek High Strength Rubber

Color : Copper Mirror & Pink Relief
Νούμερο : 25
Καθαρισμός Δείτε τον οδηγό μεγεθών
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The Aptera crossbody sandals are absolutely stunning, delicate and at the same time great to wear. Sandals that our little ladies will love from the first moment. After all, why shouldn’t they stand out too?

In more detail, the crossed thin stripes on the fingers hug the ankle and create an impressive effect. The top choice is the pink caviar with pink embossing. Also, these are usually the colors that most of our little ones like and they match perfectly with their dresses. You’ll even find them in a copper mirror with pink embossing that can be worn in more formal looks that will definitely not go unnoticed. They match perfectly with many outfits and styles.

However, you can also find them in natural colour, beautiful and classic for everyday use. The high quality leather makes them durable, as the cross-straps help ensure an easy and stable fit on each foot.

You will find here the whole collection of children’s handmade sandals.

The Aptera cross-body sandals will become their favorite sandals.

To begin with, it is a challenge for all parents to choose footwear. One thing you can do to avoid begging your child to wear his or her lovely new sandals is to pick them out together!

In the XX collection you will find a wide variety of colors and designs for your child to choose from. The Aptera cross sandals are the number one in the preferences of girls! They are easy to wear, comfortable and impressive and definitely should not be missing from your wardrobe!

Finally, they took their name from the important historical city of Crete, the Aptera. Their location is in a stunning location in Souda Chania and was the most important commercial hub of the island. Excavations with many important findings such as figurines, inscriptions, coins and sculptures as well as a temple of 4th αι. e.g. worth a visit. Apart from the importance of the place, the beautiful view of the bay will enchant you.

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