Children’s Sandals Rodakino

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Basic Material: Genuine leather
Form: Normal
Heel Height: Flat
Sole: Greek High Strength Rubber

Color : Rotten Apple, Turquoise & Off White
Νούμερο : 25
Καθαρισμός Δείτε τον οδηγό μεγεθών
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The Rodakino children’s sandals are the footwear that will delight the little ladies. There is no summer without sandals. That’s why our new 2022 collection stands out for its handmade sandals for all ages.

In more detail, the impressive entirely handmade braid adorns the little toes and thus make the sandal a jewel for the foot. They are available in natural, coral white or tricolor braid with natural leather bottom and Greek high durability rubber sole.

Here you will find all the children’s leather sandals.

Originally, children’s sandals were always a challenge for parents. Their choice should certainly not be random. Inevitably, the child’s comfort and whether he likes them visually enough to wear them depends on it. The handmade Rodakino sandals offer comfort, stability and confidence in every step.

It is also very important to keep in mind the material of the shoe. More specifically, it is advisable that there is no friction between the skin and the shoe and that the foot gets air. This will prevent sweating and avoid odour. In this case, all the XX sandals are made of natural leather, which does not get damaged if water falls on it and is easy to clean.

Finally, the colors play a big role in the choice of leather children’s sandals. Either way you should follow the child’s taste. In our collection you will find a wide variety of colors and designs for boys and girls according to your taste and preferences.

The Rodakino children’s sandals take their name from the village of Rodakino in southern Crete. According to the villagers, it was named after a peach tree that had grown in the area. Others believe that its name came from the colour of the horizon as seen from afar. However, in that location there are many beaches of natural beauty with travellers from different parts of the world.

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