Knightos gladiator sandals

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Color : Copper
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Gladiator sandals are the latest fashion trend and can be found in silver, copper, brown, dipped brown, metallic tricolor, natural color, copper and gold.

In addition, it is one of the most classic and timeless sandals , for stability and comfort in walking. However, all the available colors can be perfectly combined with any outfit.

They also have a natural leather sole and a sole with a high-strength Greek rubber.

Gladiator Knossos sandals, inspired by ancient Knossos, remain timeless and beloved. Knossos was an important city in antiquity with continuous life from the Neolithic years to the 5th century. You can learn more here

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Care tips for your sandals
Leather sandals are definitely more durable and comfortable than other types of shoes. That’s why they need some extra care.
There are two rules you must follow.
  1. Proper drying
    In case your shoes get wet, you should clean them with a dry cloth and let them dry in a shady place.
  2. Light cleaning
    If there are spots on your sandals that are dirty, gently rub the areas that are dirty with a clean, slightly damp towel (this does not apply to Nubuck & Suede leathers).

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