Leather sandals Spatha

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  • Basic Material: Genuine leather
  • Form: Normal
  • Heel Height: Flat
  • Sole: Greek High Strength Rubber
Color : Pink Powder Stamped
Νούμερο : 38
Καθαρισμός Δείτε τον οδηγό μεγεθών


The Spatha leather sandals will elevate any look. Which one will you choose for your appearances? They are the most classic, elegant and very comfortable choice for any time of the day. At the same time, they combine simplicity with the specificity of Nubuck and stamped leathers. This makes them one of everyone’s favorite sandals.

First of all, the hot summer days inspire us for a more light and airy look. Kaftans, straw hats and carefree hair make up the most summery image. All that remains to complete this concept are the comfortable sandals. More specifically, Spatha sandals can be found in a wide range of colours, as the pattern on the leather makes them even more special. Moreover, apart from their aesthetics, they offer absolute stability and comfort in walking without putting pressure on the foot.

Find all the coloured leather sandals in our collection here.

For example, if you are looking for the ultimate look for the office, we have the ultimate suggestion. Mint green, light blue and light pink quilted. They also go perfectly with all your clothes, as these shades are soft.

However, if you’re the type that dares to wear more intense colors, we highly recommend the shade of blue Nubuck. Blue of the sea and sky that takes you to the Greek islands and landscapes wherever you are. In this case, you can wear them with linen white clothes and you will definitely turn all eyes on you.

In addition, you’ll find the quilted copper shade that will add the ultimate sparkle to your ensemble. These are undoubtedly the sandals you don’t want to leave out of your wardrobe. But why not try them in shades of black and white. Moreover, they are ideal for any time of the day, either for the office or for a walk as they are classic options and easily match with all outfits.

Finally, they took their name from the historic cape of Spatha, which dominates the northernmost part of Crete. A spot that makes your mind travel to the endless blue of the sea. Definitely one of the places to visit on the island.

All leather sandals are handmade from leather of Greek origin and bear the unique signature of Xenophon Xirouhakis.

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