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Leather sandals are the favorite choice of all of us for our summer walks. So find our collection and the top color options that will prevail this summer. Initially, spring and summer symbolize something very special for the fashion world. Bloom, rebirth and renewal! In addition, the leather sandals of our collection this year will pleasantly surprise you as they follow all the latest fashion trends.

The change in temperature has a strong effect on our mood and psychology and therefore usually more intense colors than those of winter. More specifically, the collections of the most famous fashion houses are full of bright colors for this summer. That is, orange, green, fuchsia and purple are the colors that will dominate this Spring / Summer 2022 season.

However, there are also shades of cream and white that are a stable and timeless choice for every look.

Here you will find the new trends of this summer that will drive you crazy!

More specifically, orange is an intense shade that shows that we will be quite busy this summer. Below you will find the top selection from the XX 2022 collection for the most iconic look of the summer.




Also, the basic choice of Dior and Versace is the green shade.

Our suggestion to give color to your shoes is the following:



Also, purple could not be missing from the list of the top colors for 2022, since it is the color of the year according to the Pantone Institute.

More specifically, in the collections of Moschino, Valentino, Lanvin, Chanel and Saint Laurent is the dominant shade in shoes and clothes.

Give a unique style to your looks with purple leather sandals




For those of you who prefer the timeless and classic, we suggest the colors of white and cream.



Finally, animal print designs return to the forefront of fashion for looks that will turn the eyes on you.