Greek Sandals

The Greek sandals of the Xenophon Xirouhakis collection are definitely what you are looking for! Made with love and care from Greek leather will accompany you in every summer walk. More specifically, what makes them stand out is their excellent quality and their authenticity. You will also find a wide variety of designs and colors, ideal for every occasion and every taste.

First of all, the characteristic of our sandals is that they combine the modern element with the traditional character. More specifically, you will find simple minimal lines, bright and original designs that celebrate the elegance and uniqueness of the place. It is of course no coincidence that each of our sandals has taken its name from historical locations of Crete. Women’s, men’s and children’s sandals that “smell” summer wherever you are and redefine the importance of handmade.

Greek sandals that you won’t want to part with!

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Let’s take a look at some of the sandals of our new summer collection, which is inspired by the Greek summer. Firstly, the impressive Minoa sandal features a large chamois that ensures stability on the foot. Moreover, the small stripes and the handmade braids make it even more special, to give the necessary shine to your outfit. Its 3 earthy shades, cigar nubuck and gold, charcoal nubuck and silver and natural will match any look.

Strappy sandals are equally impressive and comfortable for your walks and for any time of the day. More specifically, Kaliviani leather sandals are very elegant, feminine and very comfortable. A sandal that can accompany you in every outing and occasion. You’ll also find it in earthy colours, but also in intense shades such as coral or copper for your more special looks.

Another sandal that you will definitely want to add to your wardrobe is the Sfakia women’s sandals . More specifically, it’s a sandal that you can wear it at all hours of the day and in every occasion. A wide variety of shades and combinations that will elevate any outfit. In addition, its diagonal facets hug the foot, making it stable when walking. The metallic hues show off the Nubuck leathers, while exuding the feel of Greek summer. It’s definitely a sandal that summer loves.

  • Women’s sandals with leather bottom Gramvousa

  • Handmade Myrabelos sandals

  • Handmade sandals for women Anogia

  • Ancient Greek children’s sandals Arolithi



Here are the five ultimate street styles of the summer to make your looks even more unique! Finally, each of our collections is ideal for those looking for authenticity, elegance and comfort. The timeless beauty of Greece in a sandal that suits every taste and the needs of every woman and man.