Flat sandals

Flat sandals you can’t miss this summer. The ideal choice for another season that will accompany you on your summer walks! Undoubtedly, flat sandals will always be in fashion. And most importantly? They are the most comfortable shoes you can wear! That is, depending on your taste you can choose from the huge variety of leather handmade sandals of the XX collection. There isn’t a woman who doesn’t love them and isn’t tempted to get another pair every year.

More specifically, the sandals of the Spring Summer 2022 collection are so many and in so many different colors and designs that you will want to get them all! However, we have gathered the top choices in women’s shoes that should not be missing from your everyday life.

Do you need shine on your whole body?

First of all, your wardrobe couldn’t be without a flat sandal with a little sparkle. For example, impressive and highly dynamic, the Kantanos women’s sandal will add the final touch to your look. Dare! At the same time, they’re comfortable and shiny while the asymmetrical strips hug the foot and keep it stable. In particular, its metallic shades come to highlight the Nubuck leather in combinations reminiscent of the blue of the sea. You’ll also find it in sandy pink that reminds us of the beautiful beaches of Crete, but also in animal print.

In the 2022 summer collection you will find a wide variety of flat sandals depending on your taste and the occasion!

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In other words, if you’re the type that dares to use striking colors in your looks, you definitely shouldn’t miss the Diktynnawomen’s sandal. In more detail, it is comfortable to walk on, with strips knitted harmoniously together, while giving a summer air at any time of the day. Besides, they easily match any style, and are very comfortable thanks to the ankle-hugging strap. Likewise, you will find it in other earthy colors such as natural, camel nubuck and gold.

As a third option we recommend the Aradaina sandal. Undoubtedly an elegant and unique sandal with its stripes intertwining magically. The perfectly feminine shoe for your summer walk that will turn all eyes on you.

It is a fact that flat sandals continue to inspire great fashion houses even today and are the summer essential of our wardrobe. Here you will find ideas and suggestions through the top fashion houses for the ultimate summer style. For example, she matched airy dresses and or even tight midi dresses that maintain their minimalist character and we can say that they have never looked more chic!

All the sandals of our collection have XX signature, something that characterizes their uniqueness and authenticity. Finally, they are handmade from Greek leather and made to take you on a trip to the Greek summer.